Katy Perry's Indi Review

When I think of Katy Perry I think of the gorgeous and talented diva who sings catchy songs like no-one else. Her fragrances are cute and funny, all done with a wink of irony. However Katy Perry’s Indi fragrance has taken a complete u-turn. Gone are the flashy, playful bottles. In comes the simple black and white pillar bottle for Indi. The scent celebrates individuality, which in these times, is a much-needed hand of compassion and acceptance and I’m all for it.

Katy is launching a scent hoping to inspire herself and others to be themselves. To help attain those goals, the fragrance is a semi-transparent aquatic floral with 11 nuances of musks to appeal to the largest possible number of fans. Some people are anosmic to certain musks, so this guarantees that you will be able to smell the musk.

Indi is a beautiful chameleon of a scent and smells like it costs about four times the price. The scent is not very long lasting and considering it is an eau de parfum that is the only negative for me. However if it had been longer lasting it probably would have been to strong for my liking, and since I really like the smell as it is, I personally prefer it being this way. Indi celebrates individuality and I salute this amazing fragrance. My motto is, and always will be - if it smells good, just wear it.


Katy Perry’s Indi Eau de Parfum 50 ml – € 33,00
Katy Perry’s Indi Eau de Parfum 30 ml – € 24,00

Katy Perry's INDI will be exclusively available at Kruidvat, both in store and online, at the end of October.

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