Rimmel London Super Gel Spring Look Nail Polish Review

No time, money or you don't feel like going to a nail salon? No problem! With Rimmel Super Gel, a 2-step system, you can give yourself a colorful and shiny gel manicure. It is easy to apply, dries up like a regular nail polish and UV lamp is not required! The Super Gel collection will be expanded this spring with five new summer colors that will match the fun and bubbly colors of your summer outfit, and I will be testing two of them for you.

Rimmel 026 Sun Fun Daze – A gorgeous hot pink

Sun Fun Daze looks very chique yet is something different than your usual classic red or raspberry red. The color of this nail polish is really beautiful and I immediately fell in love with it! The nail polish is very opaque and covers with only one layer, but I recommend using a second layer to make it look perfect (this is also recommended by Rimmel themself).

Rimmel 053 Dive Right In – Dip your nails in bright aquamarine blue

The color looked lighter in the bottle compared to what it looked like on my nails. On my nails it ended up drying to what I can describe best a ''smurf blue'' color. Unlike Sun Fun Daze, this color is not very opaque and I definitely needed three layers to evenly cover my nails. I am very impatient and I do not like sitting around, so I ended up having to redo them three times for the picture. 😂 But other than that, the color itself is beautiful and very summery. The color reminds me of those typical tropical beach island wallpapers.

The nail polish brush is flat and has a round bottom - which is my favorite type of nail polish brush since it makes it easier to apply the lacquer precisely and neatly. To use the nail polish you first apply the colored nail polish and let it dry, after it has completly dried you finish it off with the special topcoat. Removing is simple too, you can use a regular nail polish to do this.

As I mentioned before in my previous review about the Super Gel nail polish (see here), the nail polish did not stay on my nails for fourteen days, but to be honest, I do not think that any lacquer can last that long without using a lamp. On me personally, the lacquer lasts between four and six days, and I think that's fine. I don't know a lot of nail polishes that can last that long so I think it is a great result.

You can find the Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polishes online and in drugstores such as Kruidvat and Douglas.

Rimmel London Super Gel nagellak € 7,99
Rimmel London Super Gel Top Coat € 7,99

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I love your first photo! does make the colors pop a lot outdoors!