Yves Rocher 6 New Cherry Oil Lipsticks Review

Yves Rocher released six new Cherry Oil Lipsticks. The same line already had twelve different colors, but since the line is so successful Yves Rocher decided to add some new colors.

The lipsticks contain cherry oil which means your lips are not only equipped with a nice color but at the same time are being nourished. The packaging is striking. A red, transparent colored cap and a silver interior. The smell is super delicious and they smell sweet and slightly fruity.

 14 Jaune yuzu
This has to be the most daring one out of all six of them. The lipstick looks like a yellow color and has a lot of glitter and shine. Not something I would wear myself, especially since it accentuates chapped lips like mine, but I like the daring choice!

43 Mauve poudré
A soft mauve color. It has a purplish undertone and is a bit cooler in color. Perfect for everyday.

33 Rose sorbet
Rose Sorbet is a cute, pink color that is a little lighter and cooler color than Framboise Acidulée. I think this color will look very nice on very pale skins and people with cool undertones.

34 Framboise acidulée
The perfect pink lipstick that has a raspberry color. Not too light, not too dark. Just a simple color that you can wear everyday yet gives you that little extra touch.

23 Corail pop
A fresh coral-orange color with warm shimmer. Very beautiful and very flattering!

63 Rouge éclatant
The darkest and most prominent color of the bunch. It's a cherry red lipstick that has pink undertones. A very bright and fresh color. This one covers the best as you can see.

I think the formula of the Yves Rocher Cherry Oil Lipsticks are amazing! They are very nourishing and feel as if you're wearing a lip balm yet at the same time give you a nice color on the lips, so you can play it safe yet still make a colorful statement which make them ideal for every day use. The six new colors are a beautiful addition to the current Cherry Oil lipstick collection.

The Cherry Oil Lipsticks are sold for €11.90 but are often are on sale for 50% off (just like they are now) and then you only have to pay €5.95. The lipsticks can be bought in Yves Rocher their stores and online.

What do you think of the new colors of the Yves Rocher Cherry Oil lipsticks?

This article contains products that I received to review

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