Bondic Review

How many times has glue let us down? Fingers that are stuck together except the thing that you wanted to be glued, or having to throw things out because gluing it only made it worse. Not to mention just when we need to glue something we discover our bottle is as dry as the Sahara Desert on a hot day. Now thanks to dentist-turned-inventor Dr. Thomas Offermann, there might be a better alternative..

There are two components to Bondic, the liquid plastic and the UV light. Bondic comes in a pen-like form with a needle-type applicator on one side and a special UV light on the other. You know those little UV glue guns that dentists use to fill minor cavities? It’s basically the exact same adhesive technology, just tweaked a little and redesigned for a different purpose. 

Bondic is solvent free which is one of the reasons why it doesn’t dry out. It is described as a "liquid plastic welder" that sets within four seconds once it's been exposed to the included UV light. You can file it down and smooth it out when you’re done or add extra layers for additional strength.

Bondic is an incredibly versatile material and can be used in almost any situation. It is both heat and water resistant which means it can even be cured under water. The bond that Bondic creates is super strong and it’s amazing how it can be used to build up new plastic materials by just layering Bondic on top of Bondic. 

I love how I was able to fix items around the house that I didn't want to throw out because I was hoping to fix them some way. If you’re looking for an easy way to fix, adhere, or fill, I would definitely give Bondic a try. I'm sure you are going to be hooked!

A starter kit (which includes the dispenser, UV hardening light, and a 4-gram tube of adhesive) is sold for $21.99 and can purchased either directly from the manufacturer or on Amazon.

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