Simon Levelt Review

I never used to like coffee, however over the last few years I have developed a taste for it and am now a huge fan. The best type of coffee is in the morning when you just got out of bed, along with some warm, freshly baked croissants. There is nothing quite like the smell of freshly made coffee and in my opinion the best coffee comes from freshly grounded beans. Great coffee beans really show off their flavors and aroma's when brewed properly.

I have tried the following grounded coffee flavors:

Pura Vida - Costa Rica 
Discover the fresh sweet notes of dried apricot, golden kiwi and green apple, and enjoy a long aftertaste of sweet, malty tones of molasses. Pura Vida means "pure life" , but in Costa Rica the way to let you know that everything is okay. As a greeting, farewell, thanks or satisfaction. But Pura Vida is more. It's a lifestyle where you can enjoy life and are satisfied with what you have.

Gayo Blue Mountain 
Full, rich after-dinner coffee from Indonesia. A very fragrant and fresh coffee with a rich aroma and full-bodied. In the background a typical earthy, woody flavor . Particularly suitable as an after-dinner coffee. Indonesia Coffee from Asia and the Pacific are the "heavyweights" with a strong and spicy flavor. They are ideal in blends to give a firm basis.

Finca El Platanillo - Guatemala 
A washed coffee with elegant sweetness from the plantation El Platanillo. The coffee is lightly roasted, so that the ripe fruit tones come into full play beautifully. In 1976, Don Samuel Coto Escobar took over the plantation, and today it is run by two of his children. 

Unwashed Sidamo - Ethiopia (Africa Country Coffee) 
Pretty syrupy espresso coffee with a hint of bay leaf licorice. The Ethiopia Sidamo is an unwashed coffee from the Sidamo plantation province Suke Quto. The coffee as sweeter and fuller experience, especially when it's drunk as espresso. 

After trying all of them, I can say that they all are unique and have such delicious flavors. I was waiting for the traditional coffee harshness to set me on edge and dislike them but it did not happen. I just now started to realize that I am in trouble. Giving up on them is not going to be easy after I have finished all of them. I’m really pleased to have discovered Simon Levelt and will definitely be trying out more of their flavors. For more information about their products and where to buy them kindly take a look at their website.

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