Sans Soucis Winter Fairytale Collection Review + Swatches

Sans Soucis released a special limited edition collection for the winter. Their Winter Fairytale collection consists of four lipsticks and two eyeshadows which are divided into warm browns and cool pink/purple hues. This collection will surely make your eyes and lips shine, even on those cold winter days!

Perfect Lips Every Day in 140 Glossy Brown

To be completely honest, the name first didn't sound appealing to me. I love browns but I do not like glossy lipsticks at all. However after applying the lipstick, the color certainly did not disappoint (it looks glossier on the picture than it does in real life because of my bright lightening). The lipstick feels quite creamy and smooth which is a big plus, and after a couple hours the color gradually fades away in a nice way. 
(Available on Sans soucis | 4 grams, € 15.75)

Baked Eye Shadow in Fairytale Brown

The packaging of the baked eyeshadow is small and round, and has a transparent lid. It contains three different shades, and the Fairytale Brown trio has three nude shades that perfectly match each other. When swatching the colors, I notice that they feel very creamy and are well pigmented. The nice thing about a trio eye shadow like this is that you get multiple colors so you can create a complete eye look with it, and the Glossy Brown lipstick would look beautiful to complete your look with nude colors like these. 
(Available on Sans soucis | 4 grams, € 14.95)


Jolet said...

Wauw, heel erg mooi!

Rachel Kromdijk said...

Die oogschaduw love it de lipstick vind ik te glanzend liefs