Bourjois Night Lights In Paris Collection Review

Today I will be reviewing a gorgeous Christmas cosmetics range which goes on sale in December – allowing you to have plenty of time to perfect your party make-up or start filling daughters’/sisters’/friends’ stockings. Bourjois's Night Lights in Paris collection is all about old-fashioned, high octane, glamour – smokey eyes and classic red lips!

In this collection you will find two Smoky Stories palettes that each contain four eyeshadows, including one extreme shimmer eyeshadow in the middle and a eyeshadow applicator on the side. The eyeshadows are very well pigmented, but keep in mind that the eyeshadows are very soft and therefore may give some fallout. To get the best results a good eyeshadow primer must be used before application.

The palette is a cool toned eyeshadow palette with silver and gray tones, complemented with a cool golden color. In my opinion this palette could have used a cut crease color so you would be able to create a complete eye look with just one palette. Overall the colors look gorgeous and would be amazing to create a beautiful, lighter Christmas look.

This color combination is very beautiful. The palette contains a night blue, moss green, matte black and golden eyeshadow in the middle. If you love to create smokey eye looks this palette may be more suitable for you than the previous one.

POUDRE DE RIZ  - €12.99 
A rice powder that finds its origin in 1895, when it was one of the first makeup hypes that conquered the world. For this Christmas collection, Bourjois has released a special ''evening'' edition which contains slightly more glitters. Perfect for adding a hint of festive stardust to cheekbones, shoulders and décolleté and comes in a beautiful retro tub.

The powder is covered with a transparent lid that has one side with holes in it, which you can turn to close or open the powder. The powder smells nice and looks very light pink-beige. It reminds me a little of the fine Iridescent Powders of MAC. It's not a real highlighter, because for that the powder does not shine enough, but it makes the skin look beautiful radiant - especially in candlelight.

A swatch of Bourjois Poudre de Riz on my skin. The effect is not very visible, but in reality when applying the powder the skin looks softer and shows a beautiful soft sparkle.

I was really excited to see that Bourjois has their own version of matte lip creams. I'm a huge fan of a matte finish and I own a few different versions. The texture is a bit different from other matte liquid lipsticks I've tried. While others were light creams, this feels more like a mousse/cream hybrid.

The pigmentation is where this product disappointed me a bit. I'm used to super pigmented formulas of these lip cream products, but this one needs a couple coats for full opacity. It's best if you wait for one layer to set and then apply another over it, and you should also use a lip liner underneath to achieve a nice sharp lip line as they can be a little tricky to make neat and tidy. It's not the easiest product to work with, but the final result can look fabulous.

The 24 hour claim is not true of course unless the test subject went without food, drink or talking for a whole day (poor girl haha). They do however last a good amount of time, and fade away gradually.

No 1 - Personne Ne Rouge!
A timeless, classic red color. A movie star color every woman should own.

No 8 - Grand Cru
A dark burgundy red. The most perfect vampy shade and perfect for fall.

The Night Lights in Paris Christmas collection is available from December 2015 and available at Bourjois outlets like Etos, Douglas and ICI Paris XL.

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