XD Design 27” Storm Umbrella Review

Rain is pouring from the sky and the wind lets your umbrella blow over with every gust of wind. There goes your make-up that finally looked perfect.. It always happens at such a moments, doesn't it? Very frustrating! Will this storm umbrella be able to help me?

I prefer to stay inside when it rains, warm on the cough with a blanket and a cup of tea, but sometimes you have no choice and you really need to go outside. An umbrella of a few euros, let's call it a disposable umbrella, can handle a little bit of drizzle. Unfortunately in the Netherlands though, it's usually never just a little bit of rain. The weather codes fly around your ears, just like the leaves and flipping disposable umbrellas. The biggest advantage of well-made storm umbrella's is that they do not flip over and you easily can walk through the rain with without actually getting wet.

The XD storm umbrella is available in two types: the 23 '' and 27 '', which are available in blue, silver and black. The umbrella looks stylish and elegant, but unfortunately it is not firm at all. I have only been able to use it once, when there was a lot of rain but barely any wind, and the umbrella flipped over and literally tore apart within no time. Also the handle and the top part where not glued on properly and fell off when I wasn't even outside yet. The storm umbrella is available from € 29.95 and the one that I show is sold for € 34.95. If the umbrella was made out of good quality I would not mind paying this amount of money, but for such quality I would not be happy. I was hoping that I finally had a good umbrella, but as you can hear this was such a let down!

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