Miss Sporty My BFF Lipstick Review

This fall, Miss Sporty launched a new lipstick line named the My BFF lipstick. The collection consists of ten colors of which I will show you five. Will we become Best Friends Forever?

The ''My BFF lipsticks'' are divided into four categories named the Nudes, Pinks, Reds and Trends. What I notice immediately is the delicious - slightly sweet - smell they have. The lipsticks apply nice and smooth but not too smooth so you can still apply them properly. Miss Sporty promises a good coverage with only one layer, and I partially agree with that, but some colors look better with an extra layer.

The lipsticks do not last the whole day but they will definitely last for 3-4 hours. If I wear the Miss Sporty My BFF lipsticks I have to reapply it about three times through the whole day, and especially after a meal or a drink it is a must. The creamy colors have my preference because the shimmer ones have a metallic shine to it which I do not like.

The bright silver combined with the fresh transparent colored covers that let you know what color you have in your hands are a big plus. Beauty products are for me - no matter what price - still a luxury product, so I also want to have a luxurious feeling whenever I use a product. Miss Sporty is in my opinion a brand aimed at young girls. A nice budget brand but can sometimes have a slightly ''cheap'' look to it. However, these lipsticks do not look cheap at all and are designed very pretty. The only downside to them were the stickers on the lipsticks. It cost me a lot of work to get all the stickers of and I thought that was a bit unfortunate.

The Miss Sporty BFF lipsticks are € 2.99.- each and are sold at various stores like Etos and DA.

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