Batiste Sassy & Daring Wild Dry Shampoo Review

Guess what? We’re chatting about Batiste again! I am a huge fan of Batiste and in my opinion they're the best dry shampoo on the market (you can check out my past review here). I have been dying to try out the ‘"Wild" scent, and let's be honest, it's mainly because of its amazing packaging. Whether the product itself is as nice I will reveal in this review.

If you’re looking for a little extra oomph when in between washing days, this dry shampoo is a product must-have. It also comes in handy after a workout for a quick refresh. Spritz some of this on your hair to keep it smelling fresh while providing instant refreshment. Speaking of scents, I love the smell this dry shampoo has! They call it an "oriental" scent and it’s absolutely divine. It’s so subtle that you don’t have to worry about it over powering your perfume.

I know that with a lot of dry shampoo’s you have to worry about that white dusty residue but luckily for us brunettes Batiste leaves no residue, and I was really impressed by how it soaked up the oil so quickly. It’s safe to say that Wild lived up to my expectations and I am pretty sure I need to order an entire box of it!



The Style Icon said...

I've tried the pink one before, but this one is defiantly my next purchase, the print just is too pretty to resist! Xx
The Style Icon

Emma Bought What said...

I like the Tropical one but I want to try some of the new ones!