Vanity Planet Spin For Perfect Skin Review

I have used the ''Spin For Perfect Skin'' for a few weeks before posting this review, after people were actually telling me that they saw a difference in my skin I thought it was time to make this review for you all!

When you buy the Spin For Perfect Skin you receive the device itself, a large body brush, a pumice stone, two face brushes, and a little booklet with information. The device requires 4 batteries (not included) and is sold in 6 different colors. After using it for the first time I noticed right away how clean and smooth my skin felt. The brush really cleans your face thoroughly, while the rotating movement provides good circulation to the skin. It claims that it can even decrease wrinkles, but I don't have any wrinkles myself so I can't say whether it really does or not.

I use the gentle brush to clean my face every other day in the morning and night. Since the bristles are very soft you could also use it on a daily basis, but I noticed on myself that if I do that my skin becomes slightly dry and using it every other day works best for me. I use the exfoliating brush with a bit of my favorite face scrub once a week, the body brush every day while taking a shower, and the pumice stone I don't use at all since I didn't notice any difference when using it. My skin has improved greatly, my acne is less and my skin looks much better than it did before.

I'm really, really loving this new addition to my every day skin care routine - and the best part about this all is that I've got a major discount code for you lovely readers! :)

Use code iffyspin at checkout to receive 70% off ALL Vanity Planet Face and Body brushes. For example:

♥ Spin for Perfect Skin Original Price: $100.00
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Isn't that amazing? Let me know what you think and I'd love to hear if you're going to get this amazing brush set yourself for perfect skin ♥ To visit their website click on this link


sita said...

Wow super die code maakt echt een verschil.

Anonymous said...

I love itxx