Uzuma Detox Review Raw, Green Slow Juices

Today I will be reviewing a slightly different detox than usual. For three days long, I only drank bottled Uzuma juice and lots of water. So no food or other drinks, just their liquid fruit and vegetables juices. Curious about this juice fasting? Then keep on reading..

Each bottle contains a lot of vegetables combined with fruit. Their juices have no added flavors or colors, so it's pure nature. The juices are slow juiced and cold pressed to get the most vitamins and minerals from the fruits and vegetables. This unique process makes that the juices have a 21 days shelf life, if kept refrigerated of course. The juices are delivered frozen and it's therefore necessary that at the time of delivery you are present at home, so you can immediately store them in the refrigerator.

Besides the fact that you can order the juices separately, Uzuma also comes with several multi-day juice cures and programs. There is a program to lose weight (slim), to keep yourself on weight (steady), as detoxification (detox) and as a complement to a healthy life style (fit). For each program you get a certain amount of bottles and a schedule that tells you when to drink which bottle. Quite handy to use is the Uzuma App for your mobile: a clock that tells you exactly when it's time to drink a bottle of juice and whether you've drank enough glasses of water in between.

I know that some of you were very curious about the experience of this three-day detox. I slightly experience some headache because of it but I must say that overall the detox isn't very difficult to do. It actually surprised me how full you get because of these juices. I hope the slow juice juices will soon also be available at supermarkets, but as for now, the Uzuma Raw Green Slow Juice can be ordered online through their website. One bottle of 240 ml costs € 3.50 and a three-day course is available from € 73.50.

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oh deze zou ik wel eens willen proberen!