The Choosy Chick Review Natural & Organic Skin Care

Recently I received some of the natural products that the Choosy Chick's store sells to review on my blog. I absolutely loved the products so in this post I will be talking some more about them!

DN Unik Eye Contour Serum 0.5 fl. oz/15 ml $ 52.95

This product is great for days when you lack sleep and to give instant relief of eye puffiness. It helps soothe and smooth the eyelids, and helps dark circles and eye bags fade. Its antioxidant elements help prevent premature aging of the skin. The easy to use pump is the perfect to glide the serum on your eye area without using your fingers which is super hygienic and a big plus for me. The serum is light weight, non greasy and easy to spread. I would recommend the eye serum to anyone who struggles with puffiness or wrinkles, since age-defying ingredients such as elderberry extract are key to fight the age of time. I really loved this serum and will definitely keep using it!

A rich, foaming cleanser that is gentle on delicate skin, yet tough on potential breakouts. This all-natural, detergent-free aloe vera castile soap is infused with organic essential oils designed to balance combination and acne-prone skin. Calendula - the essential oil of marigolds - acts as a mild astringent, sandalwood helps to heal scars and wounds, while grapefruit essential oil acts as a detoxifying agent. It leaves my combination skin cleansed and refreshed and I really liked this cleanser.
Josh Rosebrook Cacao Antioxidant Mask 0.5 fl.oz/15 ml $ 25.00

I’m the type of girl who reserves chocolate for herself for times of need — and I can justify a “need” basically any time I want a little kick of cacao. This powerful Cacao Antioxidant Mask detoxifies, tones, tightens and softens the skin. Cacao is extremely high in flavanols - powerful antioxidants that stimulate circulation bringing blood flow to micro-circulatory areas. It  allows nutrients - such as vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids, and antioxidants - to be delivered to the skin making it bright, tight and youthful. The mask feels tingly and refreshing, but it did make my skin a little red for a bit after using it. However the redness was gone very quickly, and I was left with a buttery soft skin afterwards. The mask gives instant results and I really like that!

Another nice thing is that it's Choosy Chick their anniversary and they're celebrating in a BIG way! With any $75.00 or more purchase, receive a Special Edition Anniversary Goodie Bag ($30 value) brimming with green beauty favorites! PLUS.. get free USA Shipping! This is a great way to sample products you've had your eye on. No code needed - offer will visible upon checkout. Hurry! Limited quantity available. The Choosy Chick does ship internationally and offers free shipping on Canadian orders over $150.00 and International orders over $250.00.  For more information kindly visit their website.

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