MunchPak Snack Box Review

I have another snack box to review for you all! This time it's the MunchPak snack box which contains candy and snacks from around the world and are monthly delivered to your doorstep. I love tasting things from another countries so I was very curious to try out this box.

Ki-Ki strawberry candy - Fruity toffee that starts tough and chewy, then melts and softens from the heat in your mouth. Very sweet and a bit creamy, with a pleasantly fruity strawberry flavor. These are like starbursts but with less artificial color and more fruit flavor.

Jack 'n Jill Mr.Chips - A triangular shaped corn chips with nacho cheese flavor. I like the crunchiness and saltiness of the chips. Overall it's a nice chip but not my favorite.

Eti Sesame Sticks - These are super yummy! Not to oily or salty, light crunchy texture, and has a delicious rich toasty sesame flavor to it. 

Herr's Corn Chips BBQ - I'm not a BBQ flavor fan but this flavor is not too powerful which makes eating this snack enjoyable. It has a nice crunchy texture and perfect bite size.

Haribo Wheels Strawberry - I did not like these ones at all, to me they tasted like tasteless plastic. Nothing more, nothing less lol.

Mike and Ike Zours - I love sour candy and these are sour, but not over the top “pain-sour”. The flavors are: Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Lemon and Watermelon.

Chimes Ginger Chews Orange - If you don't like ginger candy you're not going to like these. They taste like a natural orange flavor and then transition into a gingery spice. As for me, I love ginger candy, so I thought these were super yummy!

Garrotazo Soft Candy Lollipop - ''Paleta de pulpa de Mango con chile'' meaning it contains chili and is made of mango pulp. I normally absolutely love mango, but the chili.. I know hispanics love their chili candy but I really can't seem to like it lol.

Panda All Natural Blueberry Licorice - I love that it is all natural, but I don't really like licorice so I knew I wasn't going to like this. You can taste that it is made of great quality and it has lot of flavor, but it just isn't my thing.

Overall I absolutely loved the box! MunchPak has international shipping and is available in Mini (5-6 Snacks) $9.95, Original (10+ Snacks) $19.95, and Family Pak (20+ Snacks) $39.95.

Also MunchPak was kind enough to give me a discount code which is ''IFFY'' and in order you use it you have to visit this link:


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