Kruidvat Exfoliating Socks (Eeltsokken) Review

I generally don't spend super much attention to the care of my feet. I wash them, cut my nails and in very rare cases in which my feet are tired from all the walking, I take a foot bath and put moisturizer on them. Now and then on sunny/special days I take some extra care of my feet, and Kruidvat claims to have the perfect product for silky smooth feet. That sounds great, so let's try it out!

The ingredients of the socks are:
- Urea: A chemical substance that is naturally in urine. For cosmetic purposes, urea is synthetically derived. Urea causes skin flakes to easily let go.
- Lactic acid: This occurs naturally in milk, but it is also synthetically obtained when it is used for cosmetic purposes. It makes the skin slightly softer, allowing dead skin cells to release more easily
- Glycolic acid: Also called glycolic acid, "Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA)." Glycolic acid is often used as an exfoliant, as it can penetrate well into the skin.
- Limon Citrus Fruit extract: This is a so-called fruit acid and again is used to remove dead skin cells
- Salicylic acid: This substance acts on the stratum corneum of the skin and promotes the growth of healthy skin cells

The rest of the ingredients are intended to take care of the skin.

The box contains a pack with two plastic socks that you have to cut open. There are also two red adhesive tapes in order to close the socks, but they did not work very well so I used extra tape and put socks over it order to press the gel firmly against the skin. The packaging says that the special gel will loosen excess/hard skin, accelerate the production of new skin cells and provide silky soft feet. As I mentioned before, the socks contain large amounts of exfoliating ingredients and the instructions must therefore be carefully read and followed.

When the socks are on you need to keep them on for an hour. The socks feel cold, wet, and not nice at all which makes walking rather uncomfortable, so it is best to read or watch some TV in the meanwhile. After an hour you have to rinse off your feet and then it's a matter of waiting. It is recommended to soak your feet daily and you should not put a moisturizer on them. The process takes about three weeks (for the record, you use the socks only once for an hour). The gel dries out your skin and that process occurs after about a week. The first week I didn't notice anything, but after about two weeks the process started.

After three weeks a lot of callus was gone. Not everything, and it shouldn't be, because then your feet would no longer be protected. The only downside to the socks is the whole process and that I was constantly vacuuming the house because of the shedding of my feet. You must keep in mind that your feet will look unappealing for about 2 to 3 weeks after using the socks. Other than that it did really work, even underneath and besides my toenails. If you want results immediately I would not recommend this but if you don't mind waiting this is a good product to use.

The socks are from Kruidvat their own brand and are sold for € 8.99 per pair.

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This article contains products that I received to review


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