Dr.Hauschka Review Including Jennifer Lopez's Favorite Face Cream!

My whole life I have been in search of finding the perfect products that work best for my skin. Recently I literally threw out a whole box of things that I disliked or didn't work good enough for me. After trying the brand Dr. Hauschka, however, I was absolutely sold. Obviously I want to share them with you, because good things should always be shared (except for chocolate cake ofcourse -wink wink-). Time to shine some light on these lovely products!


It may seem stupid to apply more oil to already shine-plagued skin like mine, but it actually does wonders. Using the right oils can help moisturize acne-prone skin and balance your sebum production. I always thought that because of my oiliness I had to use products that would dry out my skin, but little did I know that I was actually making it worse, and because of it my skin wanted to produce more oil in response. First I was scared to start using the oil because I thought that my skin would become even oilier than it already was, but now I am so thankful that I have tried it. My skin has improved amazingly because of it, and the oil and acne on my skin became much less than it was before.


There are times, and especially during the autumn/winter months, when our skin needs a little extra TLC (tender, love and care). This body oil is made of dried buds from old damask roses and is mixed with sunflower oil from certified organic cultivation. The oil needs to be applied right after taking a shower, when the skin is still damp, so that it gets absorbed by the skin well. I love the fact that is does not only work amazingly and makes the skin moisturized and smooth, but it also smells super nice and is made out of such amazing ingredients. If my skin could smile right now to show you how happy it is, it would give you a big one with teeth and all!

I love to use this cream whenever I have dry places on my face. It is made for every skin type and contains sesame oil, rose water and extract, apricot and almond oil. The cream smells so nice of roses, and it absorbs into my skin very quickly leaving my skin feeling super soft. I find it very pleasant that the cream is a tube, allowing the cream to always stay hygienic. Another nice little fact about this cream: did you know that Jennifer Lopez swears by Dr. Hauschka their rose cream? She claims that it keeps her skin glowing and flawless, and that she has been using it daily for over 10 years. Another reason to try out this bad boy, ladies!

Dr. Hauschka their products are incredibly economical and hygienic to use. After months of daily use the products are almost empty, and I am definitely going to buy these products soon myself. Do keep in mind that these products are based on my skin advice, so before buying any products kindly get advice through their website to see what suits your skin and what will not.

Vegan: No (contains beeswax)
Vegetarian: Yes
Natural: Yes, 100 %.
Cruelty Free: Yes
Eco-friendly: Certified, they grow many of their ingredients in their own garden.

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