Bharat Plaza Customer Review Untrusted Scam Fraud Complaint

Just wanted to make this post to warn other people about this fraudulent company. To read my full experience with this webshop keep on reading..

When I ordered from their website, I was told my items would ship on a certain date but they arrived way later than what they told me. I had to wait for almost 3 months before it arrived while I needed in for a wedding and their website claims to have ready to ship items. Then when I finally received my package, the clothes were nothing like what they show on the website and the material was awful.

All my suits were stitched horribly, the sizes of the suits were way off despite filling out measurement forms: one suit had one armhole that was smaller than the other one, another suit had no arms at all while I clearly noted down that I wanted long sleeves for all of my clothes, one suit was small from the bottom yet extremely wide at my legs and hips, one of the dupatta's (scarfs) had a tear in it etc. etc. Also the jewelry that I ordered were all broken. Everything was unwearable and I had spent almost $600,- on an order that I could simply threw away.

I tried to talk with them regarding my problem but the company is very rude and unprofessional. They do not care what your email says and don't even read it properly, they simply reply that they cannot refund your money nor want to replace your items, and that they will only offer you a discount code of 20% for your next purchase (which obviously I did not want). I even offered to return everything while the costs for shipping would be very high for me, but they kept replying the same answer over and over again. When you try to call the company they will hang up the phone as soon as you mention your problem, and with every email that I send them I had to explain my problem over and over again.

They were simply playing games and wasting time so that I couldn't open a case on PayPal anymore to get my money back. After 3 emails they just ignored me and at that time I couldn't open a case on PayPal anymore since a lot of time had past (2 months shipping + a lot nonsense emails later) so I was left with nothing.

Unfortunately it's difficult to show but the left sleeve is way bigger than the right sleeve

Needless to say, I will never purchase anything from this company again. I made this post just to warn other people because I would not want anyone else to experience this. Do your research properly before ordering from a website, and when something is wrong with your order make sure to open a case on PayPal immediately since shipping takes a long time and you can only open a case for a certain amount of time. Unfortunately there are a lot of scammers on the internet, even while they are your own people. So be aware ladies and gentleman!

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anushka said...

ive heard from them before but never ordered cuz I didnt trust them..thanks for sharing your experience and sorry to hear, will definitely warn my freinds and family