Amanprana Babynero Review

You might be confused by this product.. Babyoil? No, I don't have a baby nor am I pregnant lol. But this product is, like most of Amanprana their products, a very versatile product. This means that the oil is originally made for babies, but is made out of such good ingredients that it is an amazing product for anyone. From people with a sensitive skin to people trying to prevent and reduce stretchmarks, you name it!

''Massage your baby and create a good bond between parent and child from an early age. Scientific research shows that infants have a strong need for warm and loving contact, which they then develop faster and feel happier.'' Babynero it's ingredients are in short, organic, pure nature with no chemicals or added fragrances. The ingredients are shown on the picture above. Some of the ingredients are: almondoil for a soothing effect, refreshing citrus notes of mandarin and neroli and calming lavender oil. 

The bottle is made out of dark, hard glass and is equipped with a convenient dosing pump. The bright blue sticker with the pink lettering makes it nice to be both in a boys or girls room. As you can see, the oil itself is yellow-ish and it has a soft spicy yet fresh smell but nothing too overwhelming which is perfect for babies. Another great thing is that the oil is not sticky and absorbs quickly into your skin so it leaves no stains on clothing. 


+ Very versatile

+ Nice fragrance

+ Great dosage pump

+ Absorbs quickly and leaves no stains

+ Contains only natural ingredients (parabens, artificial fragrances etc.)

- Price


Anneke said...

klinkt goed, ik kende het nog niet

Anonymous said...

That sounds amazing