Sole Serum Review The Pain Killer For Killer Heels

When it comes to high heels, I have nothing but love or them. But no matter how happy I am to wear them, at the end of a long day my feet are feeling it - and I know that we have all most definitely been right there. Straight torture isn't it? Now imagine a life where you can stand in your favorite heels all day...

Sole serum is a serum for foot pain relief, or in other words: it's liquid magic in a mint bottle. At first I wasn't so sure whether this was going to work or not, but when I tried it I could literally cry out of joy. Making it through 6+ hours in heels feels like one of the biggest accomplishment, so imagine my surprise when I could rock them pain free. I was beyond amazed!

The directions say to apply 2-3 pumps of Sole Serum where your feet feel pain, wait 60 seconds for your feet to dry, and then after 10 minutes you'll feel like you’re walking on clouds again. The first time I tried Sole Serum I waited a few minutes until it dried before I slipped my shoes back on, and the tingly cooling sensation started almost instantly. The scent is minty but it’s not super strong and neither does it last long. The scent will fade but the cooling sensation will keep penetrating those sore spots long after. The only thing I have to mention is that you really shouldn't wait until your feet are absolutely killing you because then even sole serum won't be able to save you. You need to apply it as soon as you start to feel pain in your feet and then it will work miracles.

I can say from experience that I applied this twice while walking for a long time and both times it relieved my pain. Sole Serum is a great help during a long night out, when you're wearing new/painful shoes or if you love your high killer heels like I do. If I hadn't tried it myself I never would have believed this serum would actually work, so I really recommend trying it out. You can purchase it on the Sole Serum website which you can find when you click here.

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Ariana said...

Wow amazing! I want it too