Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Velvet Rebel & I Fall In Love Review

Lipsticks that go on liquid and dry matte are getting more and more popular among the beauty lovers. The Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers have an every day selection with a few natural shades and some very wearable pinks and purples. I just love the idea of putting on a lipcolor, letting it set and then not having to worry about it for the rest of the day.

Makeup Revolution in ''Velvet Rebel'' and ''I Fall In Love''

Just like all drying lipsticks, they are impossible to correct when you make a mistake. You have to be very fast and careful since you cannot layer these after they dry or you'll get a patchy result. I found that the best way is to apply it to your lips in parts. Another thing to remember is not to mush your lips together at any time since it will push the product all over your lips and you will have to apply it over again.

The color came off mainly when I ate or drank but overall they lasted pretty well. Getting the color off at the end of the day was not difficult, I just used my usual cleanser and it came of very easy. Here are two looks that I made using the lip laquers:

Lip swatch ''I Fall In Love ''

Lip swatch ''Velvet Rebel''

Overall they are pretty awesome, especially for the small price of only € 4.21 that you pay for each lip laquer. With such a small amount of money you just can't go wrong in my opinion! To take a look at the lip laquers you can visit this link.

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This article contains products that I received to review


Anonymous said...

Mooie kleuren!

Anonymous said...

Gave kleuren zijn het!

Janneke's World said...

Wat een prachtige kleuren, staat je goed!

Anonymous said...

Lief, dankjewel!


Lana said...

De roze kleur is echt prachtig!

Anonymous said...

Wauw wat een mooie kleuren zeg. Zeker voor zo weinig geld zien ze er echt super fijn uit! Ik ben niet zo een held met liquid lipsticks aanbrengen, dus voor mij zou dat nog best een drama kunnen worden haha.

Anonymous said...

Haha aw keep trying meis! Eerst met de randen beginnen zoals een lip liner en dan pas de rest ''invullen''