MUA Make Up Academy Spring Collection Review

The stores are filled again with new spring and summer collections. Makeup Academy (also known as MUA) has released a beautiful new collection too, and today I will be reviewing some of those items.

MUA Makeup Academy Spring Break Palette

First of all I will be talking about their new Spring Break palette, a beautiful palette filled with both shimmer and matte colors. The palette contains 12 colors which are perfect for the spring and summer. The eye shadows are highly pigmented and the formula of the shadows are very buttery and creamy.

The eyeshadows will suit every skin tone, but to compliment your own eye colour you could use Gold Khaki for brown eyes, Damson for green eyes and Sea Foam or Posy for blue eyes.

The MUA Spring Break palette is sold for €5,99 in the Kruidvat.

MUA Brow Define Tinted Brow Mascara in Dark

I normally never use any eyebrow mascara and I must admit, I thought that my brows were going to feel hard after I applying it. Thankfully though they didn’t and in fact, they still felt soft while the color that the brow define provides looked intense. The applicator makes it look like your every day mascara but the brush is a lot shorter and harder. The way to use the brow define is by applying the product to your brow hair only, so without touching the skin, and after you're done your brows will look perfectly groomed.

Brow Define comes in 3 shades Fair, Mid-Brown and Dark and is sold for € 3,49.

MUA Makeup Academy Sweet Sheen Lip Balm 

When I first saw these Sweet Sheen Lip Balms I thought that the colour would be barley visible, but I was very wrong and love the pop of colour that they give. They are not super pigmented like normal lipsticks but excellent for everyday looks. Lipstick can be so drying sometimes and with these you can add some color while moisturizing your lips at the same time. The lip balms feel silky soft when applying which is perfect for the Spring and Summer months. As with most of MUA’s lip products, they have that lovely vanilla fragrance yet don't have any flavor to them.

The MUA Sweet Sheen lip balms are available in 6 different colors and are sold for €3.49 in the Kruidvat.

Have you bought any products of MUA their new collection?

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This article contains products that I received to review


Anouk said...

Dat palette ziet er super mooi uit!! xx

Anonymous said...

Hij is nu in de aanbieding voor 4,99 in de kruidvat! :)


Marit said...

Those look great