Dr. Van Der Hoog Moment Of Zen Review

A busy day at work or school, an examination or test week that's coming up, a job interview or an exciting meeting: all these things can give you stress. Dr. van der Hoog recently came out with three new masks that are dominated by zen. Give yourself 15 minutes of some ''me-time'' and discover how good relaxation is, not only for your inner peace but also for your skin.

The Glamorous Goji Quinoa is a true superfood-mask and contains lots of vitamine A, B, C, minerals and antioxidants. The mask deep cleanses and counteracts skin aging, and the cranberry scrub particles hydrate the skin while giving it a matte finish. A pure superfood treatment for your skin! My skin felt super soft and matte/non-shiny afterwards, and I will definitely use this more often.

The green tea, bamboo and shea butter make you feel like you're in an exotic area. The mask protects against fine lines and external influences, and the shea butter does not only make your skin silky smooth but also stimulates elasticity. However, after I applied the mask my skin felt painful and started looking red. When looking at the ingredients I saw that ''perfume'' was almost at the top of the ingredient list. Perfume can dry out your skin and even speed up aging, and ofcourse we don't want that! This mask is not for me, but who knows it has a better effect on other skin types.

A mask made for dry and/or sensitive skin. This creamy sensation is made out of cupuaçu butter, shea butter and macadamia oil. It is packed with nourishing nutrients, prevents dryness, and enhances the natural barrier function of your skin. It helps the skin repair, but also ensures that your skin can hold more moisture. The mask has a very sweet smell and felt nice on my face, and even after rinsing the mask off my skin felt soft and cleansed. I am also pleased with the ingredients, to my knowledge it contains no irritating ingredients, except for perfume but thankfully this is almost at the bottom of the list which means that the mask does not contain much perfume.

I am really pleased by these maskers, especially the ''Glamorous Goji Quinoa'' mask which I will definitely be using more often. I love how easy it is to use them since they are ready made, and because of it I now take masks more often than I used to. Dr. van der Hoog masks are available online or in stores for €2,29 each and contain 10 ML.

Have you already tried any of these Dr. Van Der Hoog facial masks?

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This article contains products that I received to review


Melissa said...

Klinkt goed! Ik ben best wel fan van de maskers van Dr. van der Hoog :)

Jasmine said...

Ik ben gek op hun maskers xx

Gabrielle said...

Ik kende ze nog niet. Die Smooth Shea Butter Cupuacu spreekt mij erg aan!