Pages Babyliss C319E Review

If there's one thing that I love to do then it has to be doing my hair, so when asked me to review this Babyliss curling iron I told them that I gladly would! If you're curious about my experience with this Babyliss C319E then keep on reading.

The Babyliss C319E curling iron is part of the Pro180 SulbimTouch line of Babyliss. This line contains 4 different curling irons: the C319E, C325E, C332E and C338E. The last two digits are the thickness size of the curling iron (19, 25, 32, 38mm). The C319E with it's 19mm diameter is the thinnest curler of the line which is pretty thin for a curling iron. The thinner the size of the wand means the thinner you can make your curls.

The curling iron has a power button and when you turn the curling iron on there will be a red light that starts blinking. The curler is ready for use (and thus fully warmed up) when the red light will stop blinking. The temperature of the curler is adjustable in 10 steps between 150 ° and 180 °. If you have thin hair it will be better to only use 1 to 4, with normal hair you can go up to 6 and if your hair is thick you can use all of the steps. After holding your hair around the curling iron for about 15 seconds your curl is ready and you can gently loose your hair.

A brief summary of the specifications of the curling iron:

♥ Diameter 19mm
♥ Clamp over the entire length of the rod
♥ Standard which you can use to put the curling iron down
♥ Separate on-off switch
♥ Light that blinks during warm-up and steady when he's hot
♥ Temperature controller with 10 positions from 150 ° C to 180 ° C
♥ Cable curler rotates

At the moment the Babyliss C319E is sold from € 40,95 to € 27,95. The shipping costs are € 4.95 and if you order before 21:00 you will receive it the next day.


Anke said...

Klinkt goed ik ben gek op krullen xx

robin said...

ohh klinkt goed!

Nikkie said...

That sounds great!!