Body Fashion Flash Tattoos Review

By now we’ve probably all heard about the metallic tattoos which are temporary tattoos for on your body and hands. BodyFashion had send me a few sheets to try out and I wanted to do something different with them than usual. And guess what? I found out that the tattoos are great to use on other things too! If you are curious on what items then keep on reading.

I decorated some candles with the tattoos and I was amazed by how easily the paper just slid off of the candle if you let it sit long enough. I absolutely loved the result!

I also tried to put them on my nails, this was somewhat more difficult to do but I really like how it turned out. I would recommend putting clear nail polish on top of it so that it stays even better.

Other items which you could dress up are picture frames, plant pots, mugs, basically anything around your house. I kind of want to go stick metallic temporary tattoos on everything now! You can order these and many more designs on:

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Doniya said...

I love it so much!!!

Anonymous said...

I've never thought of doing this, very creative