Dr. Van Der Hoog ClearSkin Review

Recently I have been trying out a lot of skin products and cosmetics to review, which unfortunately has made my skin very upset. Dr. van Der Hoog was kind enough to send me products of their ClearSkin line, a brand designed for those who have a problematic skin. The brand promises to be a natural solution against pimples and impurities and they sell cleansing and nursing products.

ClearSkin existed for a while already but used to be known as a brand for younger people with acne. Reports have shown though that there are a lot of people who have passed their teenage years and still have trouble with their skin (including me). Each product that I have received has their own function:

  • Cleansing: cleansing lotion, face wash and scrub gel 
  • Caring: day & night control cream
  • Treatment: spot cream

ClearSkin cleansing lotion / 200ml / € 7,11
The cleansing lotion is purifying and designed to prevent pimples and blackheads. The lotion contains alcohol, salicylic acid and blackberry leaf extract to gently clean the skin. There is also hamamelis extract added to the lotion which gives a calming effect. When I first saw that the lotion contains alcohol I was kind of surprised by it because this lotion is designed for (sensitive) acne skins and alcohol can be harsh for the skin. However, the lotion feels very mild and it didn't feel like my skin got dehydrated by it. The way to use it is by applying the lotion on a cotton pad and then apply it to your skin, after that it just needs to dry and you shouldn't rise the lotion of your skin. The lotion gently removes dirt from the skin and makes it feel very refreshed afterwards.

ClearSkin day & night control / 50ml / €9,65
The day & night control is, like the name already says, both a daytime and a night cream which I find very handy. The cream is mattifying and moisturizing and contains salicylic acid and blackberry leaf. The ingredients have a purifying effect and help with the excess sebum secretion on your skin. The cream smells quite subtle and absorbs very quickly. After applying the cream your skin feels very fresh and nice.

ClearSkin face wash / 100ml / € 7,62
The face wash is to clean the skin deep into the pores in a mild manner. It contains no soap so it does not give a tight feeling to your skin. The face wash contains salicylic acid and added blackberry leaf extract which gives a purifying effect. It's a fine gel with a nice fresh scent. You use the face wash by adding a little water to the gel and gently rub it on the skin. When you're done you rise your face off with water. I've noticed that my skin feels very fresh and isn't irritated which is a big plus.

ClearSkin scrub gel / 100ml / €8,84
This exfoliating gel is recommend to use 2 times a week to remove dead skin cells, excess oil from the skin and clean the pores. However if your skin is very sensitive and has a lot of irritated pimples I wouldn't recommend this since scrubbing could hurt your skin and make scars. The scrub contains small natural apricot kernel parts, salicylic acid and blackberry leaf extract which helps to gently scrub and clean the skin. The way to use the scrub is to apply it onto damp skin and gently massage it. The scrub particles are not too hard, but certainly not too mild. The smell is quite neutral and smells slightly fresh which I really like. After scrubbing  my skin felt soft and didn't feel nor look irritated.

ClearSkin spot cream / 15ml / €7,62
The spot cream combats pimples and blackheads and contains, just like the other products, salicylic acid and blackberry leaf extract. The cream is non-greasy, quickly absorbed by the skin and helps to fight against the sebum secretion of the skin and dries up pimples. It is advised to use the cream 3 times a day to make impurities disappear. I noticed that after a few days my pimples became calmer and disappeared quicker than normal. What I also really like about this product is the size since it perfect to take everywhere with you.

The Clear Skin line of Dr. van der Hoog has pleasantly surprised me. I've tried a lot of different products in the past and I am very pleased with the "mildness" of these products. To order their products kindly visit their website:

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Masja Zweers said...

Klinkt goed! Ik heb toevallig de face wash van deze lijn, die bevalt wel maar schuimt echt totaal niet helaas.. Ik ben wel benieuwd naar de anti-spot cream!

Anonymous said...

Klinkt niet verkeerd! Ik gebruik al een tijdje dezelfde lijn van the body shop maar deze is bijna op, misschien dat ik deze maar eens ga proberen!

beautybloglaura said...

Dit lijken me echt fijne producten xx

Doniya said...

Fijne review!! De producten klinken super

Wendy said...

Interessante review! Ik gebruik alleen de scrub, maar het laatste product lijkt me ook nog een goed product!