Amanprana Extra Virgin Cocos Review

Amanprana means serene life energy and is a brand that sells products that supports and strengthens our life energy without harming our body or mind. I hadn't heard from the company before but what they stand for already sounds great. I hope their coconut oil itself is going to be just as amazing!

The coconut oil contains 0% transfats and very few PUFA's (polyunsaturated fatty acids) which makes the oil perfect to cook with and besides being completely vegan it also contains 0% gluten. Adding fat to food increases the absorption of vitamins A, D, E, K and other essential phytonutrients. The medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil makes it easy to digest food, it increases your energy and reduces fat storage.

Amanprana claims the following advantages of coconut oil:

✔ Increases your resistance (anti-viral, anti -bacterial, anti-fungal and anti -protozoan)
✔ Is anti-aging and reduces oxidative stress
✔ Improves calcium absorption
✔ Protects stomach and intestines
✔ Improves intestinal flora
✔ Gives flavor to your meals
✔ Combats hunger
✔ Protects the skin after exposure to the sun

After using coconut oil I absolutely fell in love in it and I will not be using anything else! I don't only use it to cook with but also as a bio cosmetic product for my body, lips and hair. Amanprana Extra Virgin Coconut Oil costs € 11.95 for a pot of 325 ml or € 43.95 for a jar with 1600 ml and can be bought online on

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Naomi in Wonderland said...

Okay so this is the 3rd time today I read something about how perfect anything with coconut is haha. Definitely convinced now!

Hannah said...

Klinkt goed!!

Anonymous said...

Klinkt als een goed product!