Perfume By Me Review

Collecting perfume has always been a big obsession of mine and I have lots of different smells that I love to switch up wearing. Recently the chance was given to me to create my very own one of a kind perfume which I was super excited about but the best part about it is that YOU can also do this yourself. Curious how? Then continue reading!

As you might have heard before, a smell is made out of top, middle and base notes. In this perfume the top notes are 10-30% of your blend, the middle notes are 15-20% and the base notes are 70%. When you spray the perfume, you will first smell the top notes for about 10 to 20 minutes. Then around 30 minutes you will start smelling the middle notes and lastly the base notes which will then stay for 3-4 hours.

For my own smell ''Pyaari Rosemary'' (Meaning ''Lovely Rosemary'', named after my sweet Grandmother who unfortunately passed away), I choose 70% Floral Oriental, 15% Oriental Rose, 5% Bergamot Orange, 5% Lotus Flower and 5% Oriental Jasmine. The color of my logo is in dark pink and the perfume contains 15ML which is normally sold for €20,- excluding shipping costs. I love how the smell turned out and the idea of making your own perfume is every girl’s dream (which also makes it a great gift since they sell giftcards). For more information kindly check out their website

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4 comments: said...

Lijkt me een super fijne geur! Het lijkt mij super leuk om zo'n eigen geurtje te maken. xx

Annabelle said...

Ohh, wat leuk zeg! Ik kende het nog niet.

Marleen said...

Superleuk! Ik heb hier al eerder over gelezen :) xx

Evelien said...

Ik kende het al, wil dit sowieso nog eens doen!