HelloFresh Veggiebox Review

Recently I was introduced to the Hello Fresh Box. HelloFresh is a subscription box that weekly delivers fresh food along with recipes. Super handy! Because that way you don’t have to worry about what to eat nor what to buy to make it. To review I choose the ''Hello Fresh Veggiebox’' which is vegetarian and has all the ingredients to make three meals.

Vegetarische schnitzel met winterse koolraap en aardappelpuree

The first meal that I made was this vegetarian schnitzel with rutabaga and mashed potatoes. I thought that I wasn't going to like it since I normally like my food with a lot of herbs but it was super delicious! The mashed potatoes were mixed with cheese and the rutabaga tasted a lot like brussels sprouts which I love.

Romige groene curry met zilvervliesrijst en ei

The next one was this green curry with cabbage, aubergine, coconut milk, red pepers and sojasauce severed with and egg on top of brown rice. I always love eating curry but in our culture it is made with a lot of oil which makes it less healthy. This curry was made with a whole cabbage and aubergine, barely any oil and brown rice instead of white which makes it super healthy yet super yummy!

Orzo met tomaat, rode paprika, grana padano en tijmolie

And last but certainly not least is this orzo with tomato, red bell pepper and thyme oil served with grand padano and pine nuts. Orzo is a pasta shaped like grains of rice. I had never eaten this before so I was very curious how it was going to taste, it reminded me of the texture of risotto and it was super delicious. I will definitely make this again!

The  ''Veggiebox'' is available for either 4 people and costs €59,00 or 2 people which is €39,00. They also have an ''Orginalbox'' that has meat and fish in it or a ''Fruitbox'' filled with lots of yummy fruit.

Recipes for the meals that I made can be find online here.

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Naomi in Wonderland said...

Oh thank you so much for sharing this! My little sister is a vegetarian and is always searching for new recipes!

beautybloglaura said...

Ik heb nog nooit veggie gegeten maar dit ziet er wel heerlijk uit! xx

Femke van Dijke said...

Ik krijg helemaal honger van deze post! ;-)

Xx Femke