Elma & Sana Argan Oil Review

If trophies were handed to beauty ingredients, argan oil would sweep it away. It has always been Moroccan's best kept beauty secret but gained global popularity in the past few years. Beauty junkies swear by the oil’s ability to treat a number of skin, hair and hand conditions. Elma & Sana gave me the opportunity to test their products and I am happy to share my experiences with you.

Argan oil is rich in Vitamin E and has a beautiful light golden color with a faint nutty smell. The bottle is made of thick, deep blue glass which complies with the suggestion that argan oil should be stored in a dark bottle to prevent it from breaking down due to direct exposure to light. It features a squeeze top to fill and dispense from the dropper.

 The Argan Oil Butter with Lavendar Essential Oil is very light and creamy. It's made with argan oil, shea butter and cocoa butter which are three of the best natural moisturizers. It can be used on both your skin and hair as a daily moisturizer to sooth, hydrate, and balance dry skin and hair.

How to use:

Skin - To give your skin the moisturization and softness it needs to restore it's natural beauty, use it daily on clean skin. This is pure 100% argan oil and only takes a little bit to achieve outstanding benefits.

Hair - Apply to hair any time, after shampoo as a leave-in treatment, as pre-wash treatment applying it 20 minutes before shampooing or before styling hair to protect it.

Nails - Apply to nails and cuticles for a longer, stronger and healthier fingernails.

I highly recommend using argan oil for the many benefits it gives. If you choose to buy argan oil, confirm that the brand you choose offers 100% argan oil and not some oil blend that merely contains the oil. Argan oil has found a place in my heart and I’m sure you’ll love it too! To visit Elma & Sana their website go to:

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Marloes said...

Dit klinkt echt heel erg fijn! Ik gebruik arganolie graag voor mijn gezicht en haren

Iris The Beauty Magazine said...

Ik ben dol op arganolie! Ik doe het altijd in mijn haar en je merkt echt verschil!

Hanan said...

Super fijne review!!

beautybloglaura said...

Lijkt me echt super fijn! Volg je trouwens vanaf nu via Bloglovin xx