Veggiedeli Review 100% Plantaardige Webshop

Some while ago I received a complete vegan package with loads of yummy products. It was filled with chocolate, candy, nuts, marshmallows and bars that I had never tried before. The shop called Veggiedeli that I received it from was also still unknown to me so I was very glad that I could review their products. Curious about the products? Then keep on reading!

I will talk about my most favourite products in the package, let’s start with the first one: vanilla marshmallows! I used to love eating them but I haven’t had them since ages because I found out they contain gelatine. But these are vegetable and don’t contain gelatine and I love them! So yummy and addictive. (€ 2,99)

Cleo’s Peanut Butter Cups were also such a delicious treat. In America peanut butter cups are very popular but aren’t vegan, so it’s great that these are. Peanut butter and chocolate is such a delicious combination, the salty peanut butter and the sweet chocolate. I’m loving it! (€ 2,19)

Hazelnut crunch truffles, so delicious! It contains crunchy pieces of hazelnut and is hidden in a soft layer of chocolate. Such a shame there were only 2 pieces because they were gone before I knew it, haha. I would definitely recommend these to others! (€ 2,50)

BĂ«ond Organic Acai Berry
is a bio raw bar made of raw and biological ingredients and have a natural energy source. The bar taste like raspberries which I absolutely love and contains raw dates, cashew nuts and raspberries. A healthy, energetic and delicious treat! (€ 1,39)

And last but certainly not least, Ombar in Coco Milk. A creamy delicious chocolate bar mixed with coconut blossom sugar and coconut creme. Beside it being super yummy it contains healthy bacteria (probiotics) to keep the intestines in good balance and has a very low glycemic value of 35. € 2,50

I loved all the items that were send to me but I didn’t want to make this post to long and boring. To keep it short and simple: I’m so glad to have tried their products and am definitely going to order from their website:

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Bo said...

Ik kende deze webshop nog niet. Ziet er goed uit, vooral die hazelnut crunch truffles X

Suzanne said...

De producten zien er super lekker uit!

Michaela said...

Die Peanut Butter Cups zien er heerlijk uit ♥.♥