GNAW Hot Choc Shot Milk Review

Hot chocolate has always been one of my weaknesses, especially during the autumn/winter when the days and nights are colder and you just need that warm, sweet and comforting mug full of delicious liquid chocolate. I had never tried anything from the company Gnaw nor did I ever try hot cocoa on a stick so this was definitely something I was looking forward to review!

The chocolate on the stick melts surprisingly easily into the warm milk. It doesn't give bits or lumps into your cocoa like some powder chocolate mixes will give you nor does the chocolate sink to the bottom of the mug. Ofcourse it took a little bit longer than it would have taken on the stove but that was to be expected since the milk was removed from the heat and put into the mug.

Honestly, I can’t imagine how I can go back to a regular old cup of hot chocolate now after trying Gnaw’s Hot Choc Shot on a stick. It’s so rich and creamy, and fun to swirl around in the warm milk. Not to mention the yummy marshmallows they have added along with it!

What I also love about Gnaw their company is that their products are all hand crafted and they use absolutely no artificial colours or flavours. Beside this product they have 47 product other products and 25 of those are different flavors! To see more of their yummy products go check out their website:

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Saskia | Former Parades said...

Ohh dit lijkt me zo lekker! :) Ik wilde dit al heel lang proberen, maar had het eigenlijk nooit meegenomen als ik zo'n stokje (hoe noem je het eigenlijk?) zag staan... Binnenkort toch maar een keertje doen, haha!


Be Beautifully said...

Ik krijg er gelijk trek in!

Rosie said...

That looks amazing!!!