Air Optix Colors Review

I normally don’t wear colored contacts - just clear ones with prescription so I am able so see what is going on lol. But I love using them when making eye looks. Most good colored contacts that I have seen though are super expensive while the budget proof ones look super fake. I recently learned about AIR OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses which are available in 9 colors and they gave me the opportunity to test them out.

My goal was to see if, while wearing them, they would look nice but still be undetectable. To see the difference between the shades I snapped the pictures in natural sunlight. The first picture is my natural eye color and the other pictures are with the colored contacts.

The picture on top is my real eye color, the first left picture is with ''Gray', the first right picture is with ''Honey', the second left picture is with ''Pure Hazel'' and the second right picture is with ''Blue''.

The picture on top is with ''Gemstone Green', the first left picture is with ''Green'', the first right picture is with ''Brown'' , the second left picture is with ''Brilliant Blue'' and the second right picture is with ''Sterling Grey''.

I noticed that these colored contacts are extremely comfortable and feel comparable to my clear everyday contacts. They are breathable (very important for your eyes) and the diameter of the colored contacts are 14.2 which is the same as regular clear contacts. But most important of all is that they look so realistic, I absolutely love how natural they look! For more information kindly visit their website:

Side Note: Before ordering contact lenses (colored or clear) schedule an eye exam and fitting with an optometrist first. Your eyes are precious and they’re the only two you’ll be getting in this lifetime!

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Michaela said...

Wauw wat zijn die prachtig zeg, jeetje! Ik ben gek op gekleurde lenzen, alleen heb echte moeite met ze in mijn ogen krijgen :(

The Beauty Magazine said...

Oh wauw! Dat ziet er echt heel tof uit! Vooral die fel blauwe.

Naomi said...

Wow echt super gaaf!

Fabienne said...

Heel tof!