Yankee Candles Christmas Review

I absolutely love candles, especially those that have a smell to it. And even though Yankee candles are one of the most well known candles, I had never tried them before. And seeing everyone talk about them made me pretty curious to say the least!

So to review I've received a couple of Yankee candles from Yankee Candle Store. I heard some people say the the smaller ones have less fragrance than the bigger ones, hence I'm reviewing the smallest one that they sell and a medium one too.

Red Velvet - Medium Jar

Smells super sweet like cake, cream, glazing and brown sugar. Just like a real velvet cake! I do notice that this one smells stronger than the smaller onces even without lighting it yet, but when burning I do not notice much of a difference.

Christmas Eve €2.45

Probably one of my favorite candles, a
nd at the same time one of the trickiest to sum up. It is both fruity yet sweet and somewhat reminds me of boiled candy sweets. A very wintery, warm, Christmas smell that will transport you back to childhood and the excitement of Christmas day.

Sugared Apple €2.45

Smells like the name already says - sugared apples! It has a nice warm vanilla/sugared smell to it which gives the apple a soft yet fruity smell to it. If you dislike spicy or overly obvious festive scents then this is the one I recommend to you.

Christmas Cookie

I'd highly recommend this one if you like sweet, vanilla scents. It has a delicate yet long lasting cookie fragrance which quickly fills a room with the delicious smell of freshly baked cookies.

Sparkling Snow

A light, fresh and delicate smell yet crisp and clean just like a snow candle should be. Sparkling Snow reminds me of a cold chilly winters morning, the type of day that sees snowmen in front gardens, iced over ponds and icicles on roof tops.

Snowflake Cookie €2.45

Pink and sugar based with a strong vanilla kick - I love it! This is your typical girlie scent. The idea is to copy the smell cookies and the icing, and if I could eat it I would! Another favorite of mine among these candles. But lets face it, who doesn't like the smell of freshly baked cookies?

Sparkling Cinnamon €2.45

This one smells just like real cinnamon, I love the sweet sugary smell it has to it. Perfect for when the Christmas tree and the lights are up, and there is (hopefully!) snow outside.

Christmas Tree €2.45

Hello there Christmas tree! This candle truly makes your Christmas feeling grow. We never have a real Christmas tree, but when I close my eyes and lid up this candle I just can pretend that we do, lol! The fragrance of a real Christmas Tree without all the annoying shedding of the pine needles.


My end conclusion? Why oh why didn't I order these before?! I absolutely love these candles, especially now with the colder days and the Christmas days coming again. I would definitely recommend to buy these lovely candles as soon as possible!

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Mascha said...

I love yankee candles ❥

Saskia | Former Parades said...

Ohh die Christmas Eve zou ik wel willen proberen! :-)

Chinouk | Graceful Glow said...

Oh klinkt heerlijk! ♥

Karen Liesens said...

Oh de kaarsen klinken heerlijk!

x Karen

Laura - Dagelijkse hap said...

Ik wil zo graag eens deze kaarsen proberen! tja, dan moet ik maar eens naar Amsterdam gaan :D