Soulmade Cosmetics Review

Soulmade Cosmetics is a fairly new brand made with natural products. Their whole line has the same design but for each category they've made their products in different colors which makes it look very sleek and nice in your bathroom. I've received three of their products to review, so if you are curious about this company then keep on reading this post.

Two of their products are from their Woman Balance line which is focused on 30 plus ladies. I myself am in my 20's so I had a hard time reviewing this for you ladies, buy I will try to review it the best way that I can.

Sjaman Therapy Muscle & Joints Body Cream
This product is made for people with painful muscles and joints. The cream is made of Aloe Barbadensis, Chamomile and Lavender. To nourise and smoothen the skin they have added Sheabutter to it, and Eucalyptus that slightly warms up when applying to take away any pain. You can really smell the strong eucalyptus, but I personally really like that about it. The cream is very thick yet absorbs quickly into your skin. The Muscle & Joints Body Cream contains 60 ml and is sold for €13,00.

Woman Balance Day & Night Cream + Night Care Essential
Their Woman Balance line is made of natural ingredients that repair and have an anti aging effect. The products contain Jasmine, Rose and Neroli which smell really nice and are very good for your skin. Even though it doesn't contain SPF, it does contain granate apple which is a natural protection against the sun and helps to fight hyperpigmentation. Besides that it also contains Sodium Hyaluronate which helps to let your skin loose less fluids and makes your skin feel very smooth. Both creams are very moisturising and made my skin feel soft and hydrated. The Day & Night Cream contains 30 ml and is sold for €16,00. And the Night Care Essential contains 15 ml and is sold for €17,50.

These products and many more are available on their website


Michaela said...

Wat zijn de producten mooi en uniek verpakt!

Anonymous said...

beautiful packaging