RapidLash Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancing Serum Review

Thankfully I've always had long lashes naturally, but let's not talk about how horrible my eyebrows are. They're the complete opposite of how I would want them to be, they're SO thin and small. I have even shaved them of a couple of times in the hope of them growing back bigger and thicker. Lol yes, that's how desperate I was - and still am. So when the opportunity was given to me to test out RapidLash I made a jump of joy! Now let's see what I think about it after testing it for a month.

RapidLash is a eyelash/eyebrow enhancing serum, and promises to give you visible improvement in the overall appearance and condition. The packaging is almost as big as that of a mascara, and the wand is made like that of an eyeliner which makes applying very easy. When applying the serum it felt a little bit tingly the first time, but the instructions said that it was possible that could happen so I didn't feel worried about it. Throughout the night I didn't feel anything of the serum and my skin didn't became irritated because of it.

I didn't had much expectations about it but I was actually surprised with the results after a month. It wasn't a huge difference but I could actually see some difference, and my eyebrows had become thicker and fuller. Brow expert Anastasia (Beverly Hills) says that it takes 3 months for eyebrows to grow so I am definitely going to keep using it, and I hope I will even see a bigger difference than I already see now. The price is kind of expensive, but a little goes a long way and in my opinion in it is definitely worth buying.

You can buy RapidLash for €39,95 on through this link.


FreshWater Valley said...

Great review! Thanks!

Henriette said...

I would love to try this for my eyelashes

Rachel Kromdijk said...

love it! lots of love