Etos Superfoods Hennepzaad (Hempseed) Review

Etos just launched their own superfoods line, and emailed to ask me if I wanted to review one of their products - well yes I do! I had never tried any "superfood" products before, even though I was planning to buy it because of all the healthy benefits. I just never took the time to research where to buy it and what it exactly does. So now it's time to finally do some research!

The superfood product that I have received to review is "Hempseed". Hempseed?! Yes, hempseed. I was shocked too when I read it on the box, so I searched for more information about it right away. But when reading about it I realized that the name sounds way more different than what it actually is, because you can not get high because of it like you would when using hemp. Better yet, hempseed is not only good for people but it is even used for animals (for example birdseed) because of all the good things inside of it.

The taste of hempseed is very soft and nutty, I would say it can be compared to the taste of pine nuts. You can not heat this product because there is Omega 3 inside of it, but you can use it in cold things like salads, smoothies, granola etcetera. Besides Omega 3, hempseed also contains vitamines like B3, potassium, phosphor, magnesium and iron.

The taste of it is great and I love the fact that is so healthy for you. I am definitely going to try out more superfood products! You can buy this product for €2.69 and you will get 150 grams of Etos Superfood Hempseed.


Beautyjuf said...

Wat leuk om te lezen dat je meer van dit superfood wilt gaan proberen. Het lijkt mij erg lekker!

Anonymous said...

nice review