In2Ears Review Listen To Music In Style

Music and my smartphone - two things that I use daily. Because we don't want to put our phones on speaker the whole day there are earphones which we can use. Most of the time they are made in black or white and don't look very interesting. But what if I tell you that you can buy fashionable ones that will complement your look?

These In2Ears are from a new company with such a lovely owner named Kirscha. Kirscha introduced me to her product and I could instantly hear how much passion she has for her company. She even managed to make me excited about her earplugs before even receiving them! lol

The ones that I've received are called ''Marvelous Marly'' and aren't they gorgeous? She has given cute names to each set, each with a different color scheme. They are made with Ibiza style beads in silver/black and little white/grey pearls. It also has a microphone and the cord is 1,2m long. The earplugs look so fashionable and are like jewelry that give a little extra ''oomph'' to your appearance.

The sound of the In2Ears are great quality, and the cord is long enough to use for your computer. The beads do make it a little bit heavier, but it did not annoy me at all.

These In2Ears are available for € 18,00 on their website


Laura - Dagelijkse hap said...

Ohhhh wat mooi :D eindelijk niet eens van die saaie oortjes! dacht namelijk eerst dat het een ketting was haha

Anouk said...

Ha, wat tof! Ik dacht ook dat het om een ketting ging, maar dit is tien keer leuker.

FAB le Frique said...

Wat een leuke post. Kende je blog nog niet! :) Zou het leuk vinden als je eens een kijkje op mijn blog neemt, die kun je hier vinden: Liefs, Frederique

Sarah said...

Super mooie oortjes!

francesca romana capizzi said...

Oooh they are soooooo cool!
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Kim said...

Suuuper cool dit!

Couture Carrie said...

So pretty! Love them!


Anonymous said...

super leuk !!