Hannah Touch Of Silk Review

Who doesn't want to have perfect, smooth skin? When applying foundation we all want our skin to look flawless and even without it we still want it to look beautiful. In my life I've tried many creams, gels and other products that promised to achieve that, but recently I received this mysterious product called ''Touch Of Silk''. The name itself already makes me very curious about it.

A few promises this product gives are:
  • Instant matte and flawless looking skin
  • To soften (itches and pain) and smoothen scars and other skin damage
  • Brightening, renewing and firming your skin

The cream is clear, feels matte and when applying it feels very soft. I would compare it to the feeling of a primer. Some of the ingredients it contains are silicons and vitamin A, C and E. Unfortunately though the packaging nor the box have ingredients written on it so I had to search for that information on the internet.

I didn't notice any difference when using the product all by itself, so now I use it as a primer together with a cream underneath my foundation and I love using it that way. It makes my skin look matte and helps to make my make-up last longer. Also when I don't wear any foundation I like to apply this product all by itself so that my skin looks softer and matte.

Hannah Touch Of Silk contains 45 ml and is sold for € 69,00 through their website. For more information about their brand and products you can visit their website


Bo said...

Ik kende dit product nog helemaal niet. Klinkt goed! De prijs vind ik wel een beetje aan de hoge kant X

Joyce | BeautyChef said...

De producten van Hannah schijnen wel heel goed te zijn, hoor er in ieder geval veel goeds over! Mooie verpakking ook!

Celyn PS said...

great review! thanks for sharing this product!


Linda said...

Ik ben wel benieuwd geworden naar dit product!

Francesca Giagnorio said...

This product seems amazing but the price... argh °_°
Uff... I'm craving for it ^^"


Guillermo Domínguez Guerra said...

the best product!! really interesting post :)


Christel Kuik said...

klinkt goed! Wel duur!


Nicole Aguinaldo said...

Wow this product looks amazing!! Great review! :)


Laura - Dagelijkse hap said...

Het klinkt erg fijn, maar voor mij veel te duur helaas :(