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In case you didnt know yet, currently there is a rise in the threat of webcam hacking. I myself was always a little paranoid that someone could hack my webcam, so I always put tape over the webcam of my computer. The only problem with that was is that it was unhandy since you had to put it on and off your webcam, the webcam became sticky because of it and it didn't look very flattering.

Recently I've found out about the steel SpiShutter, which is an easy tool to ensure your privacy by shielding your Macbook’s webcam against unwanted eyes. They are made in one size and available in black, silver and yellow.

Using the SpiShutter is very easy. All you have to do is let the strip touch the top edge of your screen, and the magnets will automatically make it stick so there are no adhesives needed. The hole that is made in the center of the strip allows you to use your MacBook’s webcam like normal, and when you don't use your webcam you just slide the SpiShutter to cover the camera. The strip easily slides to cover or uncover the lens and will not scratch your laptop.

When testing the SpiShutter I only noticed one small issue. The SpiShutter causes the magnetic latch that holds the cover closed to feel a little weaker. It’s not a huge deal though, but I just wanted to mention it since you will notice a little difference.

If it's really worth $20? It does seem to be a little pricey for just a metal strip, but the tool does exactly what you want it to. The SpiShutter won’t scratch your display and is easy to use. And if you are worried about your privacy, I don't think $20 is a lot to keep you protected.

You can buy the SpiShutter on

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Masja Zweers said...

Sounds really good and save! God everything is getting hacked these days... Love your blog though, I followed you on bloglovin'!

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