Ziaja Micellar Water Sensitve Review

I love trying out new skin care products, especially micellar waters are one of my favourites since they are very handy to use when switching eye looks. Micellar water is also one of my must have products since I don’t like to remove make-up with a lot of force (it’s not good for your skin and can give you wrinkles etcetera), so I was very excited to test this product.

First of all the ingredients of this product: the micellar water contains 0% alcohol, parabens and perfumes which makes it perfect for sensitive/irritated skin and contact lens wearers. You can apply it on a cotton pad to clean your skin from dirt and remove make-up. You don’t need to rinse the product off, although I myself do it anyway since I want to apply cream afterwards.

The micellar water is very gentle on your skin and it won't sting or make your skin feel dry afterwards. Also my make-up came of very easy, even my waterproof make-up was gone before I knew it.

You will get 200ML for €5.29 which is very budget proof. And you can either buy the Micellar Water through this link or visit their store in The Hague. (Website:


Bo said...

Deze kende ik nog niet. Klinkt goed!

Dionne Knooren said...

Nog nooit van gehoord!

Celestine Locsin said...

Thank you for your blog. I become glad to know that you have interests on new skin care products. You can try obagi products.

Janniek te Winkel said...

Deze lijkt me echt heel fijn!

Leuke blog heb je, ik ben je gaan volgen!