Vapur Water Bottle Eclipse Night Blue 0.7L Review

Drinking enough water is important for so many reasons, which is why I always try to drink as much as I can. Lately though, I've been hearing a lot about how plastic bottles are bad for your health since they contain BPA, which is a chemical found in hard plastics and the coatings of food and drinks cans. This product however contains no BPA, is reusable and easy to carry around. Sounds great, so let's try it out!

Above is a picture of the bottle filled with water. The bottle is very sturdy and can either stand up or lay down without leaking any water. And even though the bottle contains 0.7L water, it does not feel heavy at all which makes it perfect to carry around. The opening of the bottle is big enough to put small ice cubes inside of it, and you could even freeze the bottle without worrying about the plastic cracking.

The bottle also has a rubber carabiner attached to it so you can attach it to items like a belt or backpack, but also when the bottle is empty it can be rolled up and secured so you can easily stuff it away.

In my opinion this bottle is truly amazing! I would definitely recommend it to others. The Vapur Water Bottle that I have received is available for €16, but their bottles come in a lot of different sizes and designs so check out their webiste:


Beautyjuf said...

Dit heb ik nog niet eerder gezien. Wat leuk om te lezen dat je er zo enthousiast over bent!

Anouk Today said...

Dit lijkt mij heel erg handig! Hier had ik nog nooit van gehoord!

Betty said...

Great product, I have it too.