Ritzo Cosmetics Review

Before receiving these Ritzo Cosmetics products I already read a lot of positive things about their brand. So I was very curious to try these goodies out! The products that I have received to review are the Sensation Cleanser, Sensation Cleansing Milk, the Day cream and Night cream.

These products are for every skin type and focus on preventing/healing your skin. The packaging with white, black and silver makes their products look very pretty and classy. What I love about Ritzo Cosmetics is that they sell products in particular for girls with unclear/combination skin, which I also have myself.

Sensation Cleanser
The gel-to-milk cleanser has a gel substance with a soft smell to it. Whenever water is added to the cleanser the gel becomes a milk substance and feels very soft on the skin. I really like how gentle it is to your skin since mine is so problematic and gets upset easily. The cleanser contains macademia oil, which you can also feel after you're done washing your face. When reading about this I was afraid that my skin would react bad to the oil, but thankfully it didn't and I really like the cleanser.

Sensation Cleansing Milk
The cleansing milk has the same soft smell as the gel-to-milk cleanser has. The product is inside of a bottle with a pump instead of a squeeze tube. I would prefer a squeeze tube or a different type of pump (since the milk literally flies out of it and ends up on my floor lol), but just also a personal opinion. The milk feels soft on the skin and helps to remove make-up/dirt that the cleanser didn't remove. You can use this product to clean your whole skin or just your eyes to remove any eye make-up.

Day Moisturizing Cream
The day cream is a rich cream that, as the name says, moisturises and protects your skin during the day. The cream contains Vitamin B, grapeseed oil, jojobaseed oil, shea butter and SPF 15. Some of you might not know it: but throughout the whole year, even in the fall and winter, you should protect your skin against the sun. So I like the fact that there is SPF 15 inside of it too. The cream feels kind of oily on the skin which is probably because of the oils inside of it, so I would suggest this to people that have a dry skin and are in search of a thick and rich cream to moisturise their skin.

Night Rebalancing Cream
The night cream cleans, moisturises and calms your skin while your are sleeping. It will also help to take care of any pimples on the skin. All the products that I've received have the same soft smell and contain macadamia oil. The cream feels very soft on the skin and would be suitable for any skin type.

Overall all the products are very nice and are definitley suitable for every skin type. Ritzo Cosmetics is available on their website They provide free shipping and pack your order for free when using the code "CADEAU". Also when ordering a minimum of two products this month (October), you will receive a free fullsize product. So go check it out!


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