Qiriness Élixir Éclat Parfait Review

The Qiriness - Élixir Éclat Parfait is a serum that promises to reduce brown spots, redness, pores, wrinkles etcetera.. That all sounds amazing, right? But since I've tried plenty of products that promises you a lot of big wonders, I don't believe in serums and cremes etcetera very quickly. That's also the main reason why I wanted to test it properly before making a review about it. 

When I first tried the serum I liked the texture of it immediately. A lot of serums feel too watery or too jelly, but this Elixir feels more like a soft milk lotion which I prefer. The serum absorbs into your skin very quickly, and a little goes a long way. The packaging of the serum is a big plus for a germaphobe like me.

It's very hygienic and sleek, and is designed so that you are able to use every single drop of it. Another nice thing about is that there is no perfume inside of it, and it is paraben free. They recommend you use it day and night, but I would suggest using it only during the day since there is SPF inside if it too. I personally don't see why you need any filters while you are sleeping lol, so I think it would be a waste of product. 

The "Élixir Éclat Parfait" (30 ml) is available in the Netherlands in the ICI Paris XL, and retails for €50,-. (For other countries please check the internet)

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