PMD Personal Microderm Review

I recently got to test out the PMD, a Personal Microderm Tool for at home. I've heard so many girls on YouTube talk about this device, and even professionals like Dr.Oz swear by it.

It was my first time using a skin device so I was pretty scared to use it, especially since the device makes a lot of sound and there was no professional to guide me. But after watching the lady on the DVD I felt more comfortable. She explains everything precisely, on how to use it and how to clean it afterwards etcetera.

I've used the PMD at night before bed because I knew it was going to make my skin look red, so I wanted my skin to have time to calm down before I went out in public. Also I choose to do this before bed because the PMD helps to prep your skin for better absorption with my (nighttime) cream and moisturizer.

I have a combination skin myself, with some acne/oily parts and some dry parts too. The main problem are the dry parts and my pores because it causes my foundation to look uneven sometimes. The day after using it my skin felt insanely fresh and smooth, and my pores had even shrunk a little. It's amazing how it shows results immediately and I've got absolutely hooked to it ever since.

The PMD retails for $159 if you live in the US & Canada, and $181 if you're living outside of that. It may seem like a lot of money, but that is about the price of 1-2 in office microderm treatments depending on where you go. If you buy this it gets you unlimited personal treatments without ever having to make an appointment of leave the house and bonus, you never have to leave salon or clinic with flaming red irritated skin. Avoiding public humiliation is just one of the many benefits of owning your own PMD! 

Soms other  great news is that I can give you a code for 25% off your order. The code that you can use is "diaryofamua" and the PMD can be purchased on their website:

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