Carmindy & Co Make-up Products Review

For those who didn't see my picture on Instagram and Facebook: I was lucky enough to receive products from celebrity make-up artist Carmindy her make-up line. And as promised, here is my review of the beautiful products that were send to me. I will start off by mentioning what products I have received and for what price they are sold on her website.

- Skin Zen Primer ($35.00)
- Game Changer Foundation ($40.00)

- 2 x Lip Crayon ($18.00)

- Epic Eyeshadow Quad ($28.00)

- Lip gloss ($16.50)

- CarmaBlur ($25.00)
- 5 minute Face Kit ($65.00)
- Radiant Glimmer Kit ($30.00)

Skin Zen Primer
For those who are new to the make-up world, a primer is used for underneath your make-up so that it will last longer. This primer is not too heavy nor too sticky and makes your foundation last the whole day. Even though it is an illuminating primer, it doesn't have any sparkle or glitter yet makes your skin look glowly and healthy. The primer has a pink/salmon touch to it which will help to fade out any darkness like for example darkness underneath your eyes.

Game Changer Foundation in "Creamy Beige"
These foundations come in four different shades depending on your skin tone. I've received the one in "Creamy Beige" which as you can see, is a little bit too dark for me, but I will be reviewing it anyway since it's about the quality of the product. What I notice right away is that the foundation is not light but rather a little bit thick, which is probably because it has a sweat-resistant and water-resistant formula. I have a oily skin so I prefer foundations like this, but if you prefer a dewy foundation I wouldn't suggest buying this. The foundation applies smooth and gives you a full coverage yet doesn't look to cakey. Another big plus is that it doesn't set into your pores (which means it also won't set in wrinkles) and lasts all day long on your skin. 

Creamy Beige Foundation unblended

Creame Beige Foundation blended out

Lip Crayons
The colors that I've received are called "Poppy Splash" and "Coral Reef". Both such beautiful colors! Exactly my kind of taste. The lip crayons are very smooth which makes applying very easy. I like lip products like this since my lips are always very dry. "Poppy Splash" is a hot pink/fuchsia color and  "Coral Reef" - like the name already says - looks like a coral color. Ofcourse it isn't long lasting like a matte lipstick would be, but for lip crayons they do the job very well.

Coral Reef

Poppy Splash

Epic Eyeshadow Quad
This palette has the perfect colors for a nice smokey eye. I normally don't like the tiny wands they put in eyeshadow palette's but to my surprise this one is soft and actually feels nice. There are 3 matte colors and one liquid black one which can be used as a eyeliner. Unfortunately though, the "black eyeliner" has no staying power and will smudge/fade throughout the day. Other that that the colors are very pigmented, even without a primer. On the picture I also didn't use any primer to show how pigmented they are.

The name of the lipgloss that I've received is called "Stargazer". I can see how they came up with this name since the gloss looks like stars in the universe - I hope I could capture well how pretty the glitters look. When applied on the lips the lipgloss is clear and looks very shiny. I really like the brush applicator unlike that of many lipglosses. The smell is sweet but not too strong. What I really didn't like is the taste of the lipgloss. It's not sweet like I thought it would be, but has a plastic kind of taste to it. It would look nice on top of a matte lipstick but I personally wouldn't wear it alone.

My most favorite product that I've received! The CarmaBlur is a skin perfector that mattifies the skin, which means it erases shine and minimes the look of your pores. As you all know I always complain about my oily skin and my pores, so when I saw this product I got very excited. And the best thing about it is that it actually works! You can either use it alone on your bare skin or on top of your make-up. Don't use a brush with this though because that wouldn't work. Just wash your hands and use your fingertips to tap on the product.

5 Minute Face Kit

Carmindizing Highlighter "Ethereal"
The highlighter has two sides: one creamy side and the other side is made of powder. The creamy side is for a soft touch to use during day time, and the powder side for a more shimmery effect during night time. Some people are confused by it and first use the creamy side and then the powder one on top of it, but if you do that it will look cakey and unflattering. When using the creamy side I suggest to use your fingers, and with the powder side you can use a brush. For the girls that like very strong highlighters this is not your product, but for the ones that like a soft highlight or for the mature ladies among us this would be perfect.

Elevate Mascara
The wand of this mascara is thick and has a nice curve to it. It thickens and lengthens your lashes quite okay but I don't find it very interesting. Throughout the day my lashes stayed in place and the mascara didn't crumble or anything. I have to mention though that my lashes are naturally long and I never buy an expensive mascara since a simple one will also do the job for me, so it may be possible that your opinion about this mascara is/will be different.

Kiss Me Lip Butter in "Rose Passion"
Another lip butter, yet this one has more of a glossy effect to it. The color is a very soft red color, super moisturising and perfect to use when you're in a hurry. The packaging looks pretty and sleek, and instead of just pulling the cap you have to turn the cap and then you can lift it up. You can compare this lip butter to the Revlon Lip Butters, so if you like those I'm sure you will love this one too.

Ever After Eyeliner in "Espresso"
This epresso eyeliner has got a deep metallic brown color and is an "automatic" eyeliner. Perfect for applying on the upper eye but won't work for the waterline since it's not a creamy eyeliner. What I love about it is that it has a gorgeous brown color which will enhance blue and green eyes. 

Love Struck Blush in "Universal Pink"
When seeing the blush the pattern immediately reminds me of Clinique their beautiful blushes. I love it when blushes have a  nice shape to it. It just gives it that extra touch which makes you like them even before using it lol. The blush is very pigmentated and has more of a peachy color even though it's called "Universal Pink". During the day the blush doesn't fade away and goes with any skin tone.

Radiant Glimmer Kit:

The "3-in-1 Warm Up"
When I opened up this product I was confused on what it could be, and it being called a 3-in-1 didn't solve my mystery either lol. But the reason why it's called that way is because it is made to use as either bronzer, blush or eyeshadow. I've tried using it as a bronzer but for me that didn't work out. The color of the shadow is gorgeous though, and the pigmentation is great. When swatched you can see that it has a little shimmer to it. As an eyeshadow it would look gorgeous too. Just use it on your eyelid and warm up the crease a little bit with a brown color.

Diamond Cushion Powder
The powder looks white and glittery in the packaging but when applied it is stated that it will adjust to your skin tone, make your skin sheer and give a lovely finish to your make-up. There's an applicator included with the powder but to be honest it will be better if you use your own powder brush instead. I've also tried the applicator myself and I ended up looking like a ghost lol, and that's not what you want. You want to apply a light amount of it just like any other setting powder. The best way to achieve that is to swirl your brush inside the powder, tap it off and then apply it. I've tried it for some while but I'd rather use my own setting powders. The first ingredient in this powder is talc and it makes you look very powdery/white very quickly.

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This article contains products that I received to review


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