BioSleep Review The Key To Success And Beauty

Unfortunately I am one of those people that have difficulties with sleeping. I have tried so many things to change that, to name a few of them: I've tried working out before sleeping, I've read books before sleeping and didn't use a phone or any other devices in bed, I've tried milk with honey and chamomile tea.. But nothing works!

Recently I received BioSleep, a sleeping serum which is non-habit forming and helps you sleep without the many negative side effects that sleeping pills would give you. To take this serum you must be over 16 years, and when you're pregnant you first must console your doctor about this. I am not below 16 nor pregnant, so lets test it!

It takes 30 minutes before you'll feel the effect of this serum, so when you are planning to go to sleep: take 6 ml with the measured cap and then go brush your teeth, wash your face etcetera so that it get it's time to start working. This serum also works when you wake up in the middle of the night and you can't fall back to sleep again. The only thing different is that you would take 3 ml then, instead of 6 ml.

It is written that BioSleep contains no artificial flavors, is flavored to taste well even after brushing your teeth, and that you can expect a sweet honey and mint flavor with undertones of herbal tea. In my opinion it doesn't taste like sweet honey and mint flavor, and to be honest I didn't like the taste of it at all. It has a strong, weird spearmint taste. But long as it does it's job I don't mind though, and thankfully it did. Within less than 30 minutes I noticed that I slowly became sleepy. Normally I wake up a few times in the night, but when using BioSleep this didn't happen.

So should you try this sleep serum if you're having sleep problems? Sleep is very important for so many reasons. First of all for your appearance, not getting enough sleep will give you dark circles, tired eyes, and a dull skin. It also helps your brain work properly and plays an important role in your physical health. And last but not least: sleep affects your daytime performance and safety, and helps you function well throughout the day. So yes, if you have sleep problems and you have tried everything but nothing works I would recommend trying this.

You can buy BioSleep serum on their website


Mariƫlle M. said...

Ik slaap echt zo makkelijk, maar als je dat niet hebt, lijkt me dit super!

Infinity said...

Ik val best moeilijk in slaap, maar ik mag het product nog niet gebruiken. Ik ben nog geen 16.


Rebecca said...

Ik slaap gelukkig best makkelijk, of zn tijd niet maar dan neem ik melatonine :)

Beauty Unearthly said...

Thanks for such a detailed post!Many kisses! Have a great week!!!

Claudia said...

Wauw dat het echt helpt. Ik ben erg benieuwd naar de ingrediƫnten van deze serum. Maar dat krijg je als je een geneeskundige achtergrond hebt. Ik ben blij dat je nu beter slaapt!